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Celebrity Teeth: Before and After

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We take a look at the stars who have put their money where their mouths are, in our gallery of the best Hollywood smile makeovers ever.

How do celebrities get perfect teeth? Some of them are born with them, but not many!

Ever wondered how Gwen Stefani got her perfect smile, or what Miley Cyrus did to get those sparkly gnashers?

From Cher Lloyd's evolving smile to Victoria and David Beckham's changing teeth, we take a look at the stars who have put their money where their mouths are in our gallery of the best Hollywood smile make-overs ever...

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Emma Watson
As a youngster, Emma's smile was cute and natural...


Credit PA Photos


... but she gave her teeth a little boost as she grew older, with some whitening and straightening. She's always had a stunning smile!

Credit PA Photos


Cher Lloyd
Break-out X Factor star fled the UK shortly after her stint on the talent show to try and make it in the USA.


Credit PA Photos


...But you can't make it in the US without that perfect Hollywood smile, which is why Cher Lloyd decided to give her teeth a makeover.


Credit Rex Features


Tulisa Contostavlos
It caused quite a stir when Tulisa was announced as Cheryl Cole's replacement on The X Factor, but the singer has more in common with Cheryl than you might think...


Credit Xposure


...Tulisa's just had a £12,000 smile makeover, much like Ms Cole did at the start of her career.
Click on to see which other celebrities have been the the dentist for a makeover.


Credit PA Photos


Tom Cruise
How different our bedroom walls in the 80s would have looked if Tom hadn’t had these teeth seen to…


Credit PA Photos


Luckily, the Top Gun star invested in some top gums and a pin-up was born!


Credit PA Photos


Cheryl Cole
Everyone’s favourite current style crush, Cheryl goes from cherubic girl-next-door…


Credit PA Photos


...To the proud owner of the Sexiest Woman In The World accolade, after a little ‘smile surgery’ and a wardrobe overhaul.


Credit PA Photos


Zac Efron
Just check out Zac in 2004 - what a cutie! But with a smile like that, we’re guessing he wouldn’t want to be 17 Again.


Credit Rex Features


Fast-forward four years and a 21-year-old, megawatt-smiled Efron is the object of many a’ lust-hungry teen (and their mother).


Credit Rex Features


Victoria Beckham
Spice circa 1997 - we're more concerned by the brown lipstick than her gorgeous grin though.


Credit PA Photos


A few years later, however, with a set of polished, pearly whites like these, Victoria has no reason to pout.


Credit Rex Features


David Beckham
It’s hard to believe this is Becks just one year before he met his Posh – and clearly, he was more focused on ball control than floss.


Credit PA Photos


Now David flaunts a set of pearly whites to rival Posh’s; a match made in dentistry heaven.


Credit PA Photos


Catherine Zeta Jones
Back when CZJ was just a struggling star, she sported a set of perfectly normal knashers…


Credit Rex Features


…But ‘normal’ just doesn’t cut it when you’re Hollywood royalty, and Catherine now flaunts a megawatt smile.


Credit PA Photos


Noel Gallagher
Back in the 90s, Noel wasn't ready for his close-up.


Credit Rex Features


What a difference 10 years make, eh! That’s the teeth sorted, Noel - brows next?


Credit Wenn


Katie Price
Katie AKA Jordan is no stranger to surgery, and first had veneers fitted 15 years ago (after falling off her brother’s skateboard, no less)…


Credit PA Photos


…but the star underwent dental surgery again to have her veneers replaced with this almost-blinding set, and said at the time “[my teeth] are so sensitive now. It's like they've filed them down too much and have hit all my nerve endings. It hurts constantly. It feels like I've got electricity going through my teeth." Ouch!


Credit PA Photos


Celine Dion
Celine’s teeth in the 80s, pre-celeb makeover.


Credit Rex Features


We bet she didn’t Think Twice about investing in this flawless set.


Credit PA Photos


Hilary Duff
Circa 2003, Hilary had a pretty perfect smile to begin with…

Credit PA Photos


…But the star reportedly had veneers fitted in 2005 and faced a barrage of backlash from fans.

Credit PA Photos

Kate Beckinsale
Gothic teen Kate had perfect teeth, but she decided they needed a Hollywood glow...

Credit PA Photos

…And now her smile is as perfectly pearly as possible.

Credit PA Photos

Nicolas Cage
In the early ‘90s, Nicolas’ teeth were Wild At Heart…

Credit Rex Features

That’s more like it! Cage’s smile today is worthy of a National Treasure.

Credit PA Photos

Colin Firth
Colin, you'll always be the perfect Darcy to us...

Credit Rex Features

...But having a little polish and shine can't harm, right?

Credit Rex Features

Demi Moore
She was the Ghost actress that had every man drooling, however her Hollywood smile wouldn't come into its own for a number of years.

Credit Rex Features

Yes, after exploring various options Demi Moore opted to have her natural teeth replaced by dental veneers.

Credit Rex Features

Gwen Stefani
The 90s icon had no shame wearing her braces to all the A-list events.

Credit Rex Features

And good job she did, would you look at that knockout smile!

Credit Rex Features

Mel C
Not a huge amount has changed about Mel C's teeth since the early days but...

Credit Rex Features

They are undoubtedly whiter, the handy work of a hygienist and cosmetic dentist we reckon.

Credit Rex Features

Michael Douglas
He's a handsome man but even Catherine Zeta Jones' hubby couldn't deny the benefit of a good trip to the dentist...

Credit Rex Features

Just look at those pearly whites.

Credit Rex Features

Miley Cyrus
I mean, a lots changed since Miley's Hannah Montana days and we're not just talking about her...

Credit Rex Features

Teeth. Those, folks, are the work of a top Hollywood orthodontist.

Credit Rex Features

Morgan Freeman
Yep, Morgan is one of Hollywood's greats and we found it very, very hard to find a fault until he cheshire cat grinned...

Credit Rex Features

...Now, that's better, isn't it?

Credit Rex Features

Nicola Roberts
Starry eyed and bushy tailed back in the day, it wasn't along until Nicola got used to the high life with Girls Aloud.

Credit Rex Features

Including the makeovers. Note those brand new nashers.

Credit Rex Features

Including the makeovers. Note those brand new nashers.

Credit Rex Features

See, they're the real deal, just, whiter!

Credit Rex Features
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